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Vintage Engagement Ring Styles

LGBT engagement ringsYour engagement should be something that you look forward to and remember. A range of engagement ring styles are available, with multiple customisable options in terms of setting and stone. See our options here.


Here are the four biggest factors you should consider when shopping for an engagement ring.

A timeless style

You should be able to feel about your ring on the 1st, 10th, 20th and 50th anniversary. Your ring should remind you of the love you share, and develop greater meaning for you with every passing year.


A durable ring

Your ring should be able to stay elegant throughout the years as well. Alongside the diamond, the accompanying band should be resistant to any damage. You could consider yellow, rose and white gold, depending on your preference.


A future family heirloom

Your ring should be a reminder of your love for years to come. It should be stylish enough to e passed on to your family, and durable enough for them to pass it on too.


What is your budget?

You may also need to consider your budgetary allocation for your engagement. Some rings may be too pricy. An ideal engagement ring will offer a piece within your budget, without affecting any of the three factors given above.

Most ring styles offer customisable and budget-friendly options for that memorable engagement.


Why you should go with the vintage engagement ring

The vintage engagement ring satisfies all four factors quite well. Vintage rings are timeless pieces that never go out of style, never succumb to damage and are the centrepieces of family heirlooms. The vintage ring is the right fit for you.

The vintage engagement ring, marked by its elegance and simplicity, can be a great reminder for one of the best nights of your life. This style is timeless and will remain a classic even as engagement ring trends change over time.


Here are some vintage engagement ring styles that you could consider.


The elegant solitaire

This ring has always been in style. It is called a solitaire ring because of the single diamond or gemstone that adorns it.

The iconic symbol of romance and commitment to your lover is both simple and beautiful. The solitaire ring goes well with other types of ring without losing its elegance or style.

When choosing a solitaire ring, it is important to consider taste in diamond, and you should look at the colour, clarity, cut and carat in order to customise it perfectly to your lover’s liking.

The simple and elegant style will be adored even by generations to come, which could make this vintage engagement ring a perfect piece for you.


The halo

A halo design involves a large central piece, which is surrounded by a circle of smaller stones around the ring. The ring is a guaranteed timeless style, having been popular for a century.

The ring usually uses diamonds, but can be effective with other types of stones too.

The setting is one of the most elegant in ring styles. The round central stone with smaller round stones around the ring give it a halo effect, which is the source of its name.

It has an unbeatable wow factor. This ring has stones all around it, which makes it seem as valuable and as impressive as it really is.

For best results, your stones should be aligned perfectly so that none of them decreases the brilliance of the others. A misaligned stone could ruin that vintage look of your halo engagement ring.

You may also consider choosing a thin band to give your central stone a magnifying effect, which will make the ring even more appealing.

If you use the right stone, setting and style, this ring will be a guaranteed family heirloom and a cherished treasure.


The cushion cut

Elegant, timeless and rare. The cushion cut ring is the most difficult to find on this list. The authentic style and shape, which was developed in the 1800s, is timeless and unique.

Each cushion cut ring offers its own personality, which means you may have to look through a few to find the one that is perfect fit for you. Still, this ring is a timeless piece.

Whether you choose to go with a smaller or larger facet, this ring will retain an elegant look.


The classic princess-cut

Princess cut engagement rings are popular because of their sparkle and size. The princess cut looks bigger and better than other alternatives which may even be of the same carat.

The princess cut has a square or rectangular shaped diamond which has un-tapered edges. Since the early 1960s when the style first picked up, this vintage engagement ring has remained a firm fan-favourite.

It offers you a brilliant range of cut facets and accommodates many designs. The princess cut will always be an elegant choice, and will be durable if you select the right material and setting.