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A Close Look at the Paul Costelloe Wedding Jewellery Range

paul-costelloe-jewellery-wedding-collectionLet’s face the truth right here and right now – almost every woman has at least once in her life dreamed about her wedding day. She has pondered about what to wear, which makeup combination to put on, how to act, which jewellery to wear. Many women deem this day to be the most important day of their lives. And one has to look the most important on that very special day, right?

Paul Costello, the Irish-American fashion designer has a massive jewellery collection.

The bridal jewellery will most certainly leave every woman in awe because of the sheer variety of designs that Paul Costelloe offers. Without further ado, let’s start looking at the best bridal products in the collection.

This Pearl Hammock Style Chain Drop earrings are magnificent for any woman who is a free spirit and wishes to present herself in a more open fashion on her wedding day. These earrings are most suitable for taller women, and, of course, one would need to have her hair in a tailor rock shorter hair in order to show off these earrings.

The Sterling Silver Delicate Chain Pearl necklet from the Aurora Bridal collection by Paul Costelloe is a close-fitting necklet of a minimalistic design which will most surely find its suitors who will want to look as minimalistic as possible but also shine on their wedding day. The pearls fall down on the neck in a firm and crisp manner, thus being projected onto all strong women out there to war this necklet.

If you are keen on getting the sterling silver delicate chain pearl necklet from the image above, you’ll want to pair it with this beauty:

The Sterling Silver Delicate Chain Pearl Bracelet is surely a minimalistic bracelet at the first glance but it offers much more. It offers sophistication, a sense of power and raw strength while also being a delicate piece as well. This one will definitely go hand in hand with the necklet.

The Crystal Arc Sterling Silver Pearl Pendant from the Aurora Bridal collection (we have some here) is a magnificent piece of jewellery. It gives a sort of an edgy vibe, a free pendulum just gazing through space. The arc detail on the pendant is a fantastic way to show off on your wedding day as most surely everyone will be looking at you at all times!

This is the Sterling Silver Pearl Pendant with Delicate Crystal Edge, and as much as it oozes sophistication, it also gives off a delicate and fragile vibe. This elegance is not easily achieved, and while it is minimalistic, it’s also meant for any woman who’s ready to look perfect and be in the spotlight on her wedding day.

The Pearl & Fancy Crystal Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet is out of this world! It’s bound to make you fall in love at first sight. Its extraordinary design makes it a perfect fit for any woman who’s ready to rock this robust and yet neatly-designed bracelet. The cuff is perfectly positioned in the middle whereas the pearls are a match like no other and go hand in hand towards creating a perfect harmony when it comes to bracelets. It’s sophisticated, it’s full of details, it astonishes with richness!

Next, we have the Crystal Baguette Sterling Silver Pendant in Wedding Band Shape. This pendant boasts with confidence and is created for all women who feel like they are ready to say yes without having second thoughts. This pendant will surely be a perfect fit for romantic dinners or theatres as well!

The Crystal Cluster Crown Sterling Silver Pearl Necklet just makes you want to put it in a frame and hang it up in your bedroom and look at it every day. It’s a beautiful necklet with a flowery touch to it. It’s definitely created for the most romantic women who are full of love and just want to share feelings. With this pendant, you will never be a stranger to anybody because everybody will want to get to know you better after seeing this delicate petal on your neck!

The Jacket Earrings Sterling Silver with Baguette Crystals are a match for anybody who’s feeling a bit like a rock star. You will never want to stop moving as these are a never-ending match made in heaven for all the untameable souls out there!

The Crescent Moon Sterling Silver Bracelet is neatly packaged with two crescent-shaped moons hanging and etched in the bracelet. This one gives a feeling of longing and it is created for all the dreamy souls who are ready to fully immerse themselves in the idea of love as a whole, to love and be loved unconditionally. It will leave you in awe, simply looking up at the sky, at the moon and dream your best life you can imagine.

If you are keen on wearing the Crescent Moon Sterling Silver Bracelet, you are destined to get the Crescent Moon Sterling Silver Stud Earrings. This combination will leave everybody speechless on your wedding day but you can wear this look on an almost daily basis – going to romantic dates, going to the cinema or any shows for that matter. The earrings themselves send off a poetic feel meant to encompass all your feelings and simply make you feel and take in all the positives the life has to offer.

All of the reviewed products have something to offer to a variety of women for their wedding day and most surely that every woman will find a match or a combination for herself. There is a little something for the dreamy ones, the romantic ones, those souls who are yet untamed and wish to stay so, those who are fragile, those who want to look elegant, and those who simply want to love and be loved.