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Hip Flasks as a Gift Idea

classic hip flaskHip flasks are definitely a great gift you can give to anyone in your family. Through history, hip flasks have been an important tool. They have a rich and long history that goes back hundreds of years. Traditionally, they were designed to match the curve of a wearers hip. It was not until the 18th century that hip flasks developed in the form that they are famous for today. Before all that, they were traditionally made out of leather and glass. Usually, they were used by nobleman and gentry to use as a warming dram whenever they went on fishing expeditions or hunts.

Some people will even go farther than that and say hip flasks had an earlier prototype. Some people argue that the animal bladder stone age people used to carry liquids was how the idea of a hip flask started. Eventually evolved and before long they have become a something used by a huge number of people. They are designed to drink straight from the flask although a lot of fancier versions come to include cups. Today most hip flasks are made out of stainless steel. It seems that there are so many people that have put good use to a reliable hip flask. Soldiers, explorers and even a pope used a hip flask. It has become a traditional men’s accessory.

Hip flasks are containers that are specifically designed to hold any portion of hard liquor. A modern hip flask is sleek and elegant in for many men it has come to be a symbol of freedom and manliness. That’s easy to understand considering all the men who have used hip flasks. The hip flask has its special place in society because it is known as a groomsmen gift. But you might be wondering about how to pick the right hip flask for yourself or for someone else as a gift. Keep in mind there are certain aspects that matter when it comes to choosing the appropriate hip flask. Of course, this all depends on your personal preferences.

One thing you will want to consider is shape. For example, using a round hip flask might have its drawbacks considering it does not exactly glide into your pocket the way you might want it to. This is why the classical shape of hip flasks usually has that iconic curved shape so it fits next to your hip the right way. Usually, quality hip flasks are made out of stainless steel. This ensures your flask will last long which is great if you are planning to pass your hip flask down to younger generations. Stainless steel is also great because you can take it to any jewellers and engrave anything you want on it. However, you might want a hip flask that is a little less plain and has some more style.

Thankfully there are other options as some hip flasks come with leather holders that may or may not be fastened to the flask itself. Not to mention you can find hip flasks might be made out of some other types of material such as glass panel. If you want a lightweight hip flask you might opt for plastic. However, it is often advised to avoid this because it could taint the taste of your liquor and the flask can easily break. Other alloys such as Pewter are frequently used in the production of hip flasks. Pewter is an alloy made from tin and other metals. Although pewter flasks are generally cheaper and look pretty nice, pewter hip flasks are generally not very durable and can easily taint the taste of your whiskey.

You might want one for practicality. This means the bigger the better. Also, some hip flasks have lids that come off and are not attached to the flask itself. This can be a problem if you are afraid of losing it.
Hip flasks generally come in a variety of sizes as well. They are usually sold by the size based on the amount of liquid they are able to hold. Usually, this will be represented be fluid ounces (oz). This also depends on the place where you might go looking for a hip flask. In the UK for example, most hip flasks are usually sold in 25 millilitres.

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