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Guide on Buying a Diamond, Gold or Silver Necklace/Pendant in Dublin

Your Options When Buying a Diamond, Gold or Silver Necklace/Pendant in Dublingold diamond pendant

Whether you love to make a striking statement with eye-catching neckwear or love casual and understated necklaces or pendants, there’s no denying that a beautiful necklace or pendant complements and accentuates your style.  There a variety of diamond, gold or silver necklaces/pendants in Dublin, and they all come in different styles.  Here are some styles you can choose from when buying your necklace/pendant.


Necklace/Pendant Styles

Semi-Set Style

These are usually made of silver or gold and can be decorated with precious stones like diamonds or gemstones. Semi-set pendants are timeless pieces that have a demure tone. They don’t strike the eye like other eye-catching jewellery but are graceful and soft.


Personalised Pendants

Personalized pendants can have the initials of the owner’s name. They can also have inscriptions which could be commemorations of special events or special people in your life. Some pendants come with ready inscriptions, but you can always take your pendant to the jeweller in Dublin if you want it inscribed. For example, you could have a pendant with a letter of your spouse’s name, and an inscription of the wedding anniversary date.



These kinds of necklaces and pendants usually have a Christian cross. It can be a simple gold or silver necklace piece, or the cross could be decorated in diamonds. Religious pendants are ideal for someone who wants their jewellery to reflect their faith.


Pearl Fashion

Pearl pendants, as the name suggests, are decorated with pearls. They are timeless and elegant, and anyone can wear them no matter their age or style.  So if you are going out for dinner or going to a ball, you might want to consider a pearl fashion pendant.


Diamond Fashion Pendants

Of all the pendant styles, diamond pendants are the most luxurious and the most expensive. The diamond is mounted on silver or gold setting. Nothing shows sophistication and luxury better than a diamond pendant.


Gemstone Fashion Pendants

Gemstone pendants usually incorporate gemstones to infuse brilliant colour to any outfit you choose. The stones are beautiful and come in different colours ranging from striking blue sapphires and red rubies to confetti coloured opals.


Metal Fashion Necklaces and Pendants

These are made from one or more metals with a chain link holding a metal pendant. They are simple but elegant jewellery fit for anyone who wants a necklace they can wear daily. A metal fashion necklace is not as striking or bold as gemstone or diamond necklaces but goes with any outfit and occasion.


Contemporary Metal

These necklaces and pendants are made from sophisticated materials and have unique and interesting finishes. They have a delicate look and can have silver or gold plated designs. So if you want a unique piece with a modern look, a contemporary metal necklace or pendant is a safe bet.


Choosing a Necklace and Chain LinkCrystals Woman Jewelry Pendant Silver Earrings

Type of chain – There are chain types that are prone to twisting or curling. So if you want to avoid the hassle of having to constantly straighten your necklace chain, it is better to go for a chain that doesn’t kink or bend easily. These chain types include curb links, rope links, wheat links, anchor links and box links among others.

Strength – a pendant chain link should be strong enough to support the pendant weight. It shouldn’t be too thin to carry the pendant comfortably but shouldn’t be too thick either. A thick chain link can stand out too much, overshadowing the pendant.

Chain link plating – this is also important as it determines if the plating will wear off over time or not. For example, if you get a necklace with gold-plated chain, the plating will wear off with time. So if you are going to be wearing your necklace or pendant every day, you might want to get one that has solid silver or gold but not plated.

The necklace clasp is also an area of concern. Most necklace chains have a ring clasp that uses a spring to open and close. These types of clasps are usually cheaper, but if you pull the chain harder, the clasp may break. There’s another type of clasp called a lobster clasp that is more durable and easier to use. It is longer and has a sturdier body which makes it less susceptible to damage.


Choosing a Pendant

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So, you need to choose the chain first before deciding on the pendant, all you need to do now is to choose a pendant. Here are few things you could consider:

Weight – the pendant shouldn’t be heavier than the chain. The weight should be 1:1 or less to prevent the chain from being worn out or breaking.

Colour – the colour of the chain should match that of the pendant. For example, a white gold pendant can only be worn with white gold, platinum or silver chain.

Clamp – the clamp of the pendant should be big enough for the chain to go through.