How Bespoke Design Works

Working with the jewellery professionals at Elegant Gems, you first select a starting point design from thousands of options. Then using the 3D design software, you have creative control to customize every detail of the jewellery from stone size, shape, and colour to extensive design changes.


Step 1 – Designing Your Ring

How Bespoke Design Works

Let us guide you through the process of creating your bespoke wedding ring or engagement ring. All you need to do is arrange an appointment in our Shop at the most convenient time for you.

This includes the size of the band, the type of precious metal you would like the ring to be made from, as well as the colour and clarity of each sparkling gemstone. Watch as the design comes together right in front of your eyes, giving you an unrivalled perspective of how the ring will look once it’s manufactured. We can even show you how the ring will look on your hand, thanks to our innovative 3D software.



Step 2 – Ring Manufacture

How Bespoke Design Works

Once you are satisfied, Elegant Gems will precision build the jewellery just for you from the computer file. You then receive a totally unique, one-of-a-kind piece, that you helped create.

Once you have agreed on the final design, a skilled technician will use state-of-the-art engineering software to generate a wire frame model of the ring. From this, a 3D printer is then used to create a wax mould ready for the ancient “lost wax” casting process.  Once the raw casting has been made it will be polished by hand in preparation for the trained gem-setter to mount your selected gemstone(s).

More here on what bespoke ring design is.



Step 3 – Collection or Delivery

How Bespoke Design Works

When we have your ring ready, you have the option of calling into the shop to collect it yourself or we can offer a courier service that can deliver it to you directly.


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