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A Practical Guide to Buying Your Wedding Rings

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There are some wedding traditions that are still very prominent today. One very obvious example is that of wearing a ring on the third finger of the left hand. This is a tradition that originated in ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians believed that the vein of love runs through this finger right to the heart. Therefore, placing a precious metal ring on this finger ensured unending love.

This guide contains a lot of useful information about buying your rings. The information contained here will make it easy to select the kind of ring you want including the style, ring settings, type of metal, ring shape and so much more. We hope that you will have a great time going through this guide and that you will enjoy shopping with us. You can trust that your purchase here at H Samuel will be confidential and that you will be happy with the ring you select.

There has been too much talk lately about engagement rings with more focus on the rings and not much attention is paid to the ring yet this is the most important of all rings. Preparing early is the best advice for any engaged couple so do not leave this to the last minute. Instead, plan early and decide the best design for you. The sooner you make your plans, the easier it will be to find the most appropriate ring for your marriage.

According to research, the search for rings usually takes the back seat to other arrangements such as finding the right venue, getting appropriate dress, choosing a good photographer, identifying a suitable caterer and identifying the best venue. Marriage experts and consultants advise that rings be considered soon after the engagement. This will eliminate the need to rush at the last minute to find the rings. While shopping for good rings may not seem so appealing, it can be a lot of fun to shop as a couple, especially if the engagement ring was single sourced. A beautiful ring is often considered the ultimate symbol of love and will possibly be the final piece of jewellery that will join the two of you together.

Planning and Knowledge are Important

Just like you went out to purchase the engagement ring, you should sit down, plan and make a budget for the rings. You also need to learn more about bands such as style, sizes, shapes, types of metals and jewellery used and so on. This kind of knowledge will ensure you are confident enough when you venture out to find the perfect ring for your unique bond to your partner. You should allow yourself a period of about 8 weeks to think, plan and get organised so as to enable yourself to find the perfect band.

Most people are happy with the engagement ring they got. If this is the case, then you can consider shopping for your wedding band at the same jewellery store. This will save you a lot of time trying out new stores, making phone calls and even seeking referrals. Usually what worked well in the past is a good indicator it will be successful again. There are plenty of things you can consider such as how similar should it be to the engagement ring? Should the metals match? Should they be simple or elaborate? All these are questions that you need to ponder and think seriously about within the 8 week period. The jeweller can help you with some of these questions and possibly make your choice even simpler. Some couples want their rings to match and others prefer them lined with diamonds or other types of precious stones.

One of the best ways to reason is to consider your lifestyle. Will you want to wear the ring on a regular basis, probably every single day? If the answer is yes, then you need to consider comfort. A good ring with smooth sides, one that is light and not to bulky and wont get caught anywhere. For those who wear them only on special occasions then other considerations may come in handy such as style, design, gems and so on.

Come up with a realistic budget

One of the first steps you need to take is come up with a suitable budget that is within your means. This budget should incorporate the entire wedding plan so that everything else is considered and factored in. Remember that they are expected to last a lifetime so the budget should be generous enough to ensure that worthwhile, memorable rings are purchased. Since plenty of cash will be spent on the finest champagne and exquisite wedding food, high quality rings should be considered. The price may vary though due to factors such as jewels, precious stones and type of metal used.

Do They Have to Match?

Apparently there is no rule out there about whether they should match. It will all come down to preferences so a couple can discuss this and then decide whether the rings should match. Even if a couple decides that the rings should match, size of the ring should matter. Ladies bands are often slightly thinner while male ones are little thicker. Sometimes couples may wish for different styles. The man may wish for a a plain style while the lady may prefer one decorated with precious stones or lined with precious metal. This is rather common and works just fine. It is easy to choose the same metal and stone but have different styles so as to complement each other. There is a style considerations sector that speaks more about this.

Begin the Search Early and Enjoy

One of the best approaches when shopping for them is to consider the process as part of a shopping experience to find jewellery items to last a lifetime. This is in contrast to approaching it like just another wedding task. The shopping process can be made fun by incorporating a lunch date at a top diner. Making the wedding rings shopping event more of a fun date than a chore will result in a much better outcome. 

A couple should discuss all aspects of the wedding ring shopping such as style options, budget, precious metals, jewellery and so much more. It is advisable when it comes down to it that couples be ready to compromise and reason with each other. Negotiating, discussing, exchanging ideas and consulting will result in great wedding rings that both will be happy with. Such a process should begin early enough, possibly shortly after the engagement so there is no pressure and the rings are not purchased in a hurry. Many times couples panic and end up buying rings they do not like and sometimes those that do not fit properly. 

Starting the process early affords enough time to make the shopping more of a romantic process than a formal ring buying event. The wedding bands will be testimony to a large congregation about love and commitment. In years to come, this moment should be remembered as a time of love when romance blossomed and the couple shopped together. Remember that they come in a variety of styles and sizes with a large choice available. Some of the choices available include precious gems, shiny diamonds, polished metals and matching bands. This may all sound confusing at first but once the basics are understood, it becomes a much simpler process and anyone can make a wise choice regarding their preferred bands.<br /> So, should they match?

Advice for the Ladies

A bridal set basically consists of engagement and wedding rings. It is the most appropriate choice for a couple that has not yet acquired an engagement ring. Ladies may wish to consider this if they did not receive an engagement ring. The two rings will look exquisitely fine together. This will also save the couple plenty of time they would have spent shopping for the two. In the event that the engagement ring has already been acquired, it will still be possible to find a matching wedding band. Experts advice couples to stick to the same metal type as the two rings are actually meant to complement each other. This also prevents problems such as scratching. The same style of the engagement ring can also be adopted to ensure it is fine and suitable.

Advice for the Wedding Couple

Whether the wedding bands will match or not will remain a personal choice and a decision of the couple. Therefore, it is good that this is carefully thought out and a compromise reached. A good idea for a couple wishing to have matching wedding bands is to opt for a similar style for both rings. The choice could a simple wedding band with no decorations or one with a simple pattern. There are other options available as well as such as a trio set. This is a set of rings including an engagement ring for the lady and matching wedding bands. In essence, it is a bridal set with an extra matching ring for the groom. However, if the couple prefer different styles including metal, then different rings can be purchased and there is no problem whatsoever. Factors to consider for a male one

The female one is normally chosen based on her existing jewellery such as the engagement ring as well as her lifestyle. Ladies rings usually feature lighter and delicate options when it comes to the metal. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options for men which are lasting and tough. They come in darker shades such as grey and silver and are manlier than others. Since they are hardy by nature, they will not scratch easy or fade and will keep their lustre for much longer. Such styles are more suited for the outdoor or blue collar man who engages in a lot of physical activity. Such metals are rarely used in ladies’ items and are more common in male rings.

Men usually prefer metals such as cobalt, titanium and tungsten as they are great in terms of durability, style and strength. A jeweller should be able to advice about these particular metals and whether or not they can be decorated. The jeweller can also advise men about their options with regards to precious metals such as gemstones and diamonds. It is a good idea to stick to the same kind of metal but some can be mixed so as to prevent scratching. The best choice is to choose a stand-alone metal for the rings which is then adorned with contrasting diamonds for that exquisite look.

Couples should however ensure that they are never limited by any of these considerations. Modern brides prefer wearing the wedding band first followed by the engagement ring. This ensures that they are as close to the heart as possible. Even when shopping for the wedding bands becomes stressful, it is important to remember that the reason for the rings is the union of two people in love who are committed to each other. If the wedding and engagement rings are to be worn together then consideration should be made regarding the width of the rings. This is so as to ensure they fit appropriately.

A lot of the styles available today are considered unisex which means they suit both men and women. The average band width for men is wider than that for ladies and ranges between 5 and 7 mm. In ladies, this range is slighter smaller between 4 and 6 mm. Shopping for them should be a simple process and easier than getting an engagement ring. They come in 3 distinct shapes which are the D shape, the court shape and the general shape. The most classic shape is the court shape which has been around for a long time and is loved around the world.

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 Sculptural-Inspired Open Shank for Setting  
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 Vintage-Inspired Eternity Band 
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 Stackable Anniversary Band 
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  Anniversary Band 
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 Accented Engagement Ring or Band 
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 Rope Pattern Band 
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 Grooved Band  
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 Patterned Comfort-Fit Band  
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 Patterend Band 
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 Anniversary Band  
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 Patterned Band  
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 Fluted Peg Shank 
$31.89 (USD)
$481.17 (USD)
 Solitaire Engagement Ring or Band 
$48.74 (USD)
$969.66 (USD)
 Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring or Band 
$54.31 (USD)
$2,013.84 (USD)
 Half Round Ultra-Lightweight Bands 
$59.71 (USD)
$1,173.94 (USD)
 Patterned Comfort-Fit Band 
$783.87 (USD)
$1,962.94 (USD)
 Grooved Band  
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$1,954.89 (USD)
 Anniversary Band 
$1,356.55 (USD)
$1,875.83 (USD)
 Anniversary Band 
$1,831.87 (USD)
$2,406.82 (USD)
 Men's Three-Stone Ring  
$146.73 (USD)
$4,138.71 (USD)
 Five-Stone Anniversary Band  
$142.15 (USD)
$3,767.57 (USD)
 Round 4-Prong Three-Stone Shank Setting  
$11.98 (USD)
$290.84 (USD)
 Accented Engagement Ring  
$154.79 (USD)
$1,265.00 (USD)
 Ridged Band  
$188.16 (USD)
$1,690.21 (USD)
 Halo-Style Engagement Ring or Band  
$53.44 (USD)
$1,311.16 (USD)
 Accented Engagement Ring or Band  
$48.40 (USD)
$3,057.09 (USD)
 Patterned Comfort-Fit Band 
$477.38 (USD)
$1,081.73 (USD)
 Comfort Fit Grooved Band 
$426.33 (USD)
$1,498.16 (USD)
 Beveled-Edge Comfort-Fit Band 
$587.04 (USD)
$1,581.68 (USD)
 Comfort-Fit Design-Engraved Band 
$556.06 (USD)
$996.26 (USD)
 Cobalt Band with Black Cable Inlay  
 Solitaire Engagement Ring  
$142.25 (USD)
$1,243.18 (USD)
 Accented Engagement Ring  
$142.13 (USD)
$1,274.21 (USD)
 Seven-Stone Anniversary Band  
$142.30 (USD)
$3,880.37 (USD)
 Round 4-Prong Three-Stone Shank Setting  
$10.76 (USD)
$257.91 (USD)
 Round 4-Prong Five-Stone Shank Setting  
$11.76 (USD)
$270.32 (USD)
 Round 4-Prong Three-Stone Shank Setting  
$11.79 (USD)
$289.29 (USD)
 Halo-Style Engagement Ring or Band  
$288.37 (USD)
$1,864.68 (USD)
 Accented Contour Band  
$320.76 (USD)
$1,260.48 (USD)
 Accented Engagement Ring or Band  
$234.61 (USD)
$1,516.91 (USD)
 Three-Stone Vintage-Inspired Anniversary Band  
$428.84 (USD)
$4,696.31 (USD)
 Accented Contour Band  
$315.09 (USD)
$1,280.87 (USD)
 Five-Stone Anniversary Band  
$305.38 (USD)
$635.33 (USD)
 Shank for Peg Setting  
$29.38 (USD)
$416.90 (USD)
 Floral-Inspired Engagement Ring or Band  
$233.80 (USD)
$925.94 (USD)
 Anniversary Band  
$259.06 (USD)
$1,932.15 (USD)
 Cushion 4-Prong Halo-Style Shank Setting  
$10.59 (USD)
$536.74 (USD)
 Tungsten Band with Imitation Meteorite Inlay  
 Twisted Shank for Peg Setting or Band  
$33.30 (USD)
$993.98 (USD)
 Tungsten Grooved Band with Blue Enamel  
 Tungsten Flat Band with Carbon Fiber & Wood Inlay  
 Tungsten Band with Carbon Fiber Inlay  
 Tungsten Band with Carbon Fiber & Wood Inlay  
 Charles & Colvard Moissanite® & Diamond Accented Engagement Ring  
$1,567.13 (USD)
$1,968.89 (USD)
 Charles & Colvard Moissanite® & Diamond Accented Halo-Style Engagement Ring  
$2,860.53 (USD)
$3,532.50 (USD)
 Accented Engagement Ring or Band 
$826.42 (USD)
$1,624.65 (USD)
 Accented Shank for Peg Setting 
$1,322.57 (USD)
Flat Band
 Flat Ultra-Lightweight Bands 
$58.78 (USD)
$1,451.32 (USD)