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Classic Wedding Ring Designs

Your wedding day is special. It marks the start of a lifelong commitment to your lover. It also marks the start of a lifelong commitment symbolised by your wedding ring. Even though ceremonies, vows and other traditions vary around the world, the wedding ring is a shared symbol.

Choosing an ideal wedding ring can be tasking, because it should lasts forever. We have a large selection, more info here.  You cannot afford to make the wrong choice when it comes to your wedding ring, because you may be forced to stick with it for the rest of your life.

The right ring will fill you with lifelong joy, and will be a beautiful and timeless reminder of the experience of your wedding, as well as your love. The wrong ring will only be a constant reminder of the terrible choice made.

You will wear your wedding ring regularly, so choosing the right fit for you must also take into account the practical aspect. A classic wedding ring will be practical, stylish and elegant. It must be something that you like.

Here are some stylish classic wedding ring designs that you will be sure to fall in love with.
For men

plain wedding bandThe Plain Wedding Band

Men usually prefer the classy and timeless band, which is plain. It may include engravings to commemorate their love. Various metal options are ideal for the plain wedding band. You may choose from white, yellow or rose gold, as well as platinum and palladium.

A second classic option might be the wider variant of the wedding band. Like its timeless contemporary, this wide band is simple, stylish and easy to keep on.
For that extra show of love, you could choose the same metal as your bride.


For Women

The Plain Wedding Band

Brides may choose to match their grooms with a plain, yet stylish band. The simple, practical and sleek design of a plain wedding band makes it appealing and ideal for your wedding day. The ability to match with your lover is also an added benefit.

shared prong diamond ringThe Shared-Prong Diamond Ring

This ring offers an elegant comfort fit. It has the simplicity of the plain wedding band in its setting, but also offers the stylish diamond accompaniment.

The shared prong diamond holds a number of diamonds in a row, usually without a border. This gives the ring a brilliant diamond-laden look that is appealing, classic and timeless.
This diamond-laden brilliance of this ring will make you cherish your love every time you look at it, from whichever angle you do.


scalloped pave diamond ringThe scalloped pavé diamond ring

The scalloped pavé diamond is a classic style that places the diamonds in rounded cut-outs, which reduces the amount of diamond that can be seen.
When the style is used on your wedding ring, it will give it a shimmering effect, which is a soft and radiant glow.

The scalloped pavé diamond is elegant, sleek, and retains practicality. This ring will not be too dazzling as to steal the shine away from you. It will be just the right amount of elegant and simple.

french pave diamond ringThe French pavé diamond ring

Unlike the scalloped pavé diamond, the French pavé diamond style accentuates your ring by making it appear more dazzling. The French pavé diamond makes use of v-shaped cut-outs, which maximize the diamonds’ reflection, which makes them more dazzling.
When the style is used on your ring, it will give it a dazzling shine that will guarantee a lifetime of satisfaction.


The sapphire ring

The sapphire ring is an elegant companion to most engagement rings. It features a rich and sophisticated mix of blue sapphires and diamonds, on a metal setting of your choice.
Sapphire rings often feature elegant designs and stylish combinations of the two precious gems. The sapphire ring is a classic design that is both rare and seamless.
Sapphires and diamonds may be interchanged all around the ring for maximum shine, or only partially. Sapphire accompaniments can turn that wedding band into a timeless and unique item of jewellery that will never leave your hand.


Final thought

There are a number of design considerations that you must make before choosing your wedding ring to make it perfect. At Elegant Gems we are experts in this field.

The type of metal used in its setting can contribute significantly to its appeal. Choose from yellow, rose or white gold, or platinum and palladium depending on your taste.
The shape of your ring is important as it dictates how comfortable you will be. Choose from court shaped classic rings which are rounded on the inside and outside, D-shaped rings which are curved on the outside but flat on the inside, or a shaped ring to accompany the engagement ring.
You should also consider the weight of the wedding ring as well as its size. Rings can range from 2mm to 8mm widths, and be customised to fit your finger. This will make it easier to find a comfortably fitting wedding ring to cherish for a long time.