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A Beginner’s Guide to the Various Types of Jewellery

Jewellery pieces are beautiful decorative adornments that are attached to your body or clothing, and include only ornaments that are durable.

Jewellery may include items like rings (like we have here), earrings, bracelets, necklaces and cufflinks. Jewellery can be made with precious metals, such as gold and silver, and decorated with gems, or it can be homemade using beads and other items of craft..

Jewellery can either be classified as fine or fashion Jewellery. Fashion Jewellery is created to enhance the appearance of certain fashionable clothes. It may also be called costume Jewellery, fallalery, costume Jewellery or trinkets. This type of Jewellery is made with copper, aluminium, bronze, brass and other metals that would not be considered precious.

Fine Jewellery uses authentic precious metal and precious stones. Jewellery must be made with gold, silver or platinum to be classified as fine. The price does not determine whether Jewellery is fine or fashion. Instead, only the authenticity of its components can be used to make the distinction.

Jewellery serves to make its wearer look and feel fabulous. It reminds its wearer of their elegance. It also makes an unforgettable and timeless gift.

What are the different types of Jewellery? How do I know when to get which piece? This guide will explain a number of Jewellery items, as well as suggest when they would make fine accompaniments or gifts.


gold ringsRings

Rings are round bands that are worn around the fingers. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, and make use of different materials, designs and styles. Rings are often designed for a specific purpose, as described here and here.

Rings can be specifically made for anniversaries, may be old enough to be considered antique rings, may be simple and uniform bands for a number of purposes, may be personalised for your birth with gemstones associated with your birth month, may hold multiple gemstones, may be specifically designed for engagement or marriage, as well as have full rows of similarly cut gems.

Rings offer so much variety for every possible event in your life. They could be the ideal customisable way to truly show your affection.

Rings carry important symbolic meanings, and may tell a lot about you. In the past, pinky rings were a sign of affiliation with the mafia. The left ring finger is strictly for your marital status, indicating marriage or betrothal. The left middle finger and index fingers don’t have as much symbolic meaning as the two before them, but can carry favourite rings and powerful pieces.

The two thumbs are ideal for fashion rings. The right index finger and right ring finger symbolise marriage for some cultures, and usually feature a plain gold band. Wearing a ring on your right pinky finger indicates your profession.


gold chain braceletBracelets

Bracelets are chain-like Jewellery that can be worn around your wrists or ankles. The ankle bracelet may be referred to as an anklet. Bracelets can be magnificent items of Jewellery, such as the famed diamond-line tennis bracelets.

They can hold decorative charms, which could make this personalised bit of Jewellery even more personal to you. Bracelets, especially these that may offer additional charms, can be an ideal bit of personality for your outfit.  You may also wear multiple bracelets to your liking, whether on one hand or on two hands.



Necklaces are Jewellery items worn around the neck. They may be made plainly of metal, which may be fine or fashion. They may also include a pendant, or feature an engraving. Necklaces are popular with both men and women, depending on the style, color and materials used.

Necklaces can be short or long. Men may prefer a longer style of necklace, with women comfortable with both long and short necklaces. They may even enjoy a choker, which is almost the same width as the neck.

Necklaces are a good accompaniment for dinner dresses and gowns, and will add a touch of magnificence to their wearer.


Earrings Jewelry Ornaments Female Fashion


Earrings are types of Jewellery designed for the ear. They may go in different parts of the ear, through a piercing or a magnetic clip.

Earrings are mostly worn by women, but are also enjoyed by some men. Earrings come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the wearer’s style and preference. They also come in a range of colours.

Earrings can compliment an outfit without drawing as much attention as the necklace. They can also communicate your personality, as well as help you accessorise. You can wear multiple earrings on your ear, a single pair of earrings on both ears, or a single earring on one ear. There is really no way to go wrong with earrings



Cufflinks are timeless and classy items of Jewellery that are worn by men. They are designed to serve as elegant buttons to your dress shirt. Cufflinks are customised, and come in a range of colours and styles in line with your desires.

Cufflinks may be made from silver, rose gold and other metals, may be round, oval or square, as well as feature an additional adornment for that unique look. You can choose your cufflinks to match your watch for an elegant finish.